Pre-purchase Condition & Valuation Surveys
Insurance Condition & Valuation Surveys


My Mission

During pre-purchase condition & valuation surveys, I will represent clients with integrity and an allegiance to providing thorough and comprehensive surveys. All appraisals are unbiased, based upon professional marine industry methods, and supported through online valuation research and documentation. I examine all structures and test systems, to assure prospective buyers are cognizant of any issues before they complete the vessel purchase.

My insurance condition & valuation survey clients will receive equal professional service, focusing on identifying significant safety or operational issues with the vessel. I will advise clients how to satisfy any recommendations generated by the survey, required to bind underwriting. All insurance surveys include the same professional and accepted marine appraisal methods as the pre-purchase survey, when assigning an estimated reasonable fair market value.

A secondary goal of both pre-purchase and insurance C & V surveys is to articulate short and long-term maintenance issues with each vessel from a structural, mechanical, and safety standpoint.

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Now approaching two decades as a marine surveyor

  • Racing & cruising sailboats;
  • Specializing in proven methods to evaluate composite GRP and carbon fiber structures.
  • All types of power boats, cruisers, outboard powered runabouts, rigid bottom inflatables
  • All types of commercial & charter fishing vessels, including Fish & Wildlife permit LOA surveys.



  • Mike H
    Prior to buying this 32' powered cat, my biggest boat was a 24' pontoon, so I had a lot of learning to do. I added a few new phrases to my boating vocabulary like, "survey", "sea trial", "USCG Docs", etc. I was as green as it gets on bigger boats. Bill was super helpful and well known in the community. He was even able to get me someone to do my engine survey. Bill's all business, which is what you want and very thorough. As he was going over the boat, he would point out things and explain why they were or weren't a "good thing". I knew that if he gave the boat a thumbs up, that I didn't have anything to worry about. His report came quick and was super detailed with pictures and explanations of everything. I can't recommend Bill enough for this. One recommendation - Don't test the radio when Bill's head is next to the subwoofer! (Just a little inside joke!) Bill was great!
    Mike H
  • Sheri Meehleis
    Over the course of the past fifty years we have owned over 25 boats and have secured the services of numerous surveyors. Without question, we have found a surveyor we consider to be the most ethical and trustworthy in his field. Bill Melbostad possesses unmeasurable expertise on every working component on any vessel and is meticulous in his review of equipment. He doesn’t hesitate to articulate his findings with integrity and honesty and offers sound advice on items he deems need attention. We were amazed when we received his survey because it was one of the most extensive and comprehensive we have ever seen. Bill is the “best of the best” and we will gladly seek him out to survey any vessel we are considering….anywhere in the world we may find it!
    Sheri Meehleis
  • Adam Chambers
    Bill just completed a condition and valuation survey for me. I am 100% satisfied with the transaction. Bill is knowledgeable, flexible, extremely thorough, hard working and courteous. He's a pleasure to work with and as good a surveyor as you will come across. I would recommend Bill to anyone looking to buy a boat.
    Adam Chambers
  • Gregg Jump
    Bill was a real pleasure to work with on a pre-purchase survey. He is very professional and does a thorough job. Bill is quick to respond to emails and messages. I would have no reservations using him again.  
    Gregg Jump
  • Rusty Roy
    Bill Melbostad is a true professional. He is extremely detailed and very knowledgeable and went over my Moore 24 with a fine-tooth comb. Bill made several great suggestions to make the boat better and safer. Hard to believe you could find a better Certified Marine Surveyor than Bill and I strongly recommend him.
    Rusty Roy
  • James Bell
    Bill conducted a very thorough marine survey of the Alerion Express 28 we're purchasing via private sale. The span of his knowledge on sailboat construction and systems is impressive as is the easy manner in which he shares vital information. It's easy to see why he is highly regarded in the San Francisco Bay area for his marine survey knowledge and professionalism. Bill conducted a very thorough marine survey of the Alerion Express 28 we're purchasing via private sale. The span of his knowledge on sailboat construction and systems is impressive as is the easy manner in which he shares vital information. It's easy to see why he is highly regarded in the San Francisco Bay area for his marine survey knowledge and professionalism.
    James Bell
  • Stephen Fentress
    Bill made himself available without delay. He conducted the in-the-water survey, haul-out survey, and sea trial all on the same day. We had a little bit of luck getting the resources to line up, but this was exceptional service. Bill knows all of the right people to make this kind of experience happen. He went through more systems than I realized the boat had. He not only ran every system in every mode, but he crawled into some very tight spaces to visually inspect each component. He took the time to show me some things that would help me better understand the boat and it's equipment. The written survey came back quickly and had an enormous amount of information. His recommendations and findings typically had photographs and referenced the standards that he used for comparison. I walked away from the experience feeling that Bill was thorough, conscientious, knowledgeable, professional, well connected, and fair. I do not expect that I will be using anyone else in the future for my Marine Survey needs.  
    Stephen Fentress
  • David Harris
    Bill is an absolutely thorough surveyor. He surveyed a Downeast 38 for me and started at 8:15 in the morning and proceeded to spend until 3pm examing all aspects of the vessel, hull, rigging, machinery, electrical, tankage, etc, etc. Bill takes his time and explains his findings thoroughly. The owner was also aboard during the survey and this can be tricky but Bill is such a professional that the owner felt at easy as Bill went through all the systems. Bill is the most thorough and thoughtful survey I've ever used. A+++ and highly recommended if you are looking for a comprehensive pre-purchase survey. Definitely the buyer's advocate!
    David Harris
  • Frank Gonzalez-Mena
    I’ve had many surveys done, but none has been as thorough and complete as the one done by Mr. Melbostad. I watched him for three and a half hours going over every part of the boat that could have had a problem. I was very impressed by his knowledge of the specific boat he was surveying (a Newport 30 Mk III). 
    ABYC Standards were extensively quoted and comments indicated whether the boat was in compliance. Recommendations and findings were very specific and divided by items that posed a safety hazard and should be attended to as soon as possible, and items recommended for future maintenance. Items for future maintenance had directions and suggestions about how they should be carried out.
    I highly recommend Bill Melbostad as a very knowledgeable, extremely thorough, and friendly surveyor. I will definitely use him next time I need a survey.
    Frank Gonzalez-Mena
  • Tom Giammona
    Professional with a passion for his job!
    Bill Melbostad just completed a condition and valuation survey on a 38 foot sailboat I bought. He was extremely professional, objective and completed the survey in a manner that I have not seen in years. He repeatedly took extra time to answer my questions, concerns and helped to reassure me regarding isolated problems with the boat. Due to particular issues regarding the Boat, Bill repeatedly returned and worked through issues regarding tides haulouts etc. The survey consisted of a 25 page document that outlined various levels of issues regarding the boat. It was done professionally and without error.
    The thoroughness of the report allowed the seller to make an informed decision regarding the condition of the boat. A great job all around!
    Tom Giammona